UTAR Green Campus Committee (UGCC)

We are here to try to make a difference to our 4.543 billion year old planet, yes mother earth is that old. Since 1760, we humans have accomplished numerous feats which has sparked innovation, advancements in science and technology, which is all good but with all that accomplishments we forgot our mother earth. Without realizing, mother earth is now suffering, all due to our carelessness. Not to worry, there is still time to heal mother earth. UTAR Green Campus Committee had taken up the pledge and challenge to educate and participate to protect mother earth from the harm of pollution. This is the only home we have, care for her and mother earth will forever provide.


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Digital Poster Competition on Climate Change

Thank you to all participants for their amazing effort and support! We hope that this campaign may raise awareness on the issues of climate change,  especially during this Earth Month.               

Going green with solar energy at UTAR Kampar Campus

On-site rooftop solar system was deployed at UTAR Kampar Campus buildings in Perak that generate the clean energy and reduce CO2 emissions.                                   >>>

Events and Activities

Our Eco-warriors are always busying themselves with awesome activities to better our world. Check out more details: 

Sungai Long Campus  Kampar Campus 

UTAR Green Campus Committee – 5-Year Strategic Plan

1. Developing cutting-edge sustainability research and education

  • Engaging in research across disciplines into issues of environmental sustainability
  • Incorporating sustainability into academic programmes and using campus as a learning laboratory for sustainability 
  • Developing staff-student partnership in the green campus initiatives

2. Create campus culture with sustainable and inclusive behaviour

  • Conducting annual campus-wide environmental audit
  • Promoting green awareness to staff and students
  • Implementing energy, water and waste policy and management system
  • Encouraging use of bicycle, energy efficient vehicles, reduce vehicle emissions, and promoting awareness of impacts related to transportation
  • Implementing green purchasing policy and procedures
  • Encouraging promote sustainability in office to encourage reduction and reuse of resources and minimize production of waste and hazardous materials
  • Utilizing ecological landscaping methods and maximizing use of green space on campus

Sungai Long Campus

Jalan Sungai Long, 
Bandar Sungai Long 
Cheras 43000, Kajang, 

Tel: 603 9086 0288
Fax: 603 9019 8868

Kampar Campus

Jalan Universiti, 
Bandar Barat 
31900, Kampar, 

Tel: 605 468 8888
Fax: 605 466 1313