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Lessons from food wastage by TLFP

The online talk aimed to raise public awareness on the causes of food wastage and its exacerbated impact on the environment. Various issues were highlighted in the online talk, especially on food waste occurring locally and internationally; the effects of food waste on climate change; global hunger and urban… >>>

Green Operation and Quality Management Webinar

The cyber-class was jointly organised by UTAR Division of Community and International Networking and Office of Institutional Cooperation, Universitas Surabaya, Indonesia. The purpose of the cyber class was to enable the participants to learn more about quality management and the issues on the …   >>>

Corporate Communication students discuss the environmental unfriendliness of coffee grounds

The Corporate Communication Final Year students organised an online sustainability campaign titled “Bean from Bin”, aimed to recycle coffee grounds and increase the awareness of the harms of coffee ground to the environment as well as to create a more sustainable future for all by educating the... >>>

PRME Director reviews SDGs to address climate change

Global climate change is increasingly prevalent than ever. A public webinar titled, “Exploring the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Practical Way of Addressing Them” was organised, aimed to educate people on the reasons global warming occur and how businesses and institutions can... >>>

Building an Industrial Effluent Treatment System

With the aim to provide a full picture on how the Malaysian government assures the industry to comply fully with the wastewater regulatory compliance, a webinar titled “Wastewater Regulation Compliance in Malaysia” was organised by UTAR Division of Community and International Networking...               >>>

UTAR exposes school children to global issues

The workshop aimed to enhance the educational experience of school children and educate them on sustainable development goals (SDGs), particularly SDGs that are associated with water resource..>>>

Exposing refugee children to financial literacy and waste management

The UTAR Sustainable Development Club organised a workshop called “Fireflies Project” on 15 February 2020 with the aim to educate children on fundamental knowledge of zero waste environment and...>>>

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