UGCC's Goal & Values


  • To improve eco-effectiveness of the University


  • Awareness towards environment 
  • Execution towards green efforts 
  • Impact on society 
  • Improvement on eco-effectiveness 
  • Commitment on sustainability

Terms of Reference:

  • Assist the University in achieving eco-efficiency and reduce carbon footprint; 
  • Monitor and propose green measures to reduce operational cost of the University. 
  • Raise the environmental awareness among students and staff through understanding environmental issues, sharing information and continuous education; 
  • Engage in environmental stewardship and promote sustainable use of the earth’s resources by adopting socially and ecologically responsible practices; 
  • Instil environmental responsibility as a corporate goal, recognising that ownership of this responsibility is essential to our environmental future and future generations; 
  • Compile and analyse environmental related activities of the University; and 
  • Provide an opportunity to use the campus as a research and learning laboratory for sustainability.