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i-Cycle Waste Management System

What’s i-Cycle? 

i-Cycle provides a comprehensive waste recycling system for modern societies by implementing the 5R practice: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recover. We operate a social enterprise business model that can help communities by providing convenience and a reward system when partaking in the waste separation system. 

By using our system, we foresee a big transformation in the behavior patterns of our communities, mainly in the separating of non-food items and passing us clean and dry waste. In doing so, we reward the communities and their respective management bodies. Our rewards point system is dependent on the weight and categories of recyclable items. Our aim is to achieve a long-term behavior change in our communities in order to save the planet! 

What are some of the recyclables? 

Papers, cardboards, plastics, metals, electronics, glass, bulbs, batteries, clothes and textiles are all welcome! 

How does the i-Cycle App work? 

There are 3 main categories found in the i-Cycle app: 


  • Approach any i-Cycle bin. 
  • Login and click iDrop. 
  • Receive 1 extra recycle point. 


  • Login and click iPickUp to request for a driver. 
  • Driver pick up. 
  • Receive 1 extra recycle point. 


  • Find QR code at our bin. 
  • Drop your item(s). 
  • Login, click scan and scan the QR code. 
  • Receive 1 extra recycle point.