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Insight 2020: The Blue Treasure-Ocean

Revamp Recycle Station

 ~ Phase #1.1: Hello Yellow! ~

Introducing our new and revamped UGCC x SDC recycle station! This recycling station is designed to cater to the UTAR community’s environmental predicament on recycling and waste management. Since its inception at KB block Level 1 in October, the prototype has been utilized well. We are also taking feedback in order to further improve and move forward in innovating solutions for better recycling practices amongst the UTAR community. Do lookout for this Big Yellow at KB block level 1 and utilized it fully and responsibly!...

Thursday, 14 November 2019

Revamp Recycle Station

 ~ Phase #1: Revamp Recycle Station Sneak Peek ~

By year 2020, Malaysia is expected to generate 16.76 million tons of waste. According to the National Solid Waste Management Department...>>>

Thursday, 5 September 2019

ICS Green Corner

November 2018: There was some trashes in this corner, such as rotten tables and chairs and old banners.

January 2019: After some cleaning works, this corner becomes a resting corner. This corner is made up of old magazines, old books, flawed pottery etc. Even the sand in the pot is dug out of the ditches. 

We've cleaned this corner. The original idea is just to bless a person—“Please cherish this corner, enjoy a moment alone.”


14 March 2019

Sustainable Art

 ~ A FHAD1014 Design Fundamentals Assignment ~

The theme for these poster is "Sustainable Art" where students are required to design posters envisioning sustainable future. The objective of the posters is to promote awareness of environmental issues through art. The posters are at least 80% build from recycled materials. Some of the materials used are fruit mesh, bus tickets, old newspapers, plastic cups and plastic bags. A special typography is also included as the headline of the posters in delivering the message.

Tuesday, 27 August 2019