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Corporate Communication students discuss the environmental unfriendliness of coffee grounds

The Corporate Communication Final Year students organised an online sustainability campaign titled “Bean from Bin”, aimed to recycle coffee grounds and increase the awareness of the harms of coffee ground to the environment as well as to create a more sustainable future for all by educating the... >>>

PRME Director reviews SDGs to address climate change

Global climate change is increasingly prevalent than ever. A public webinar titled, “Exploring the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Practical Way of Addressing Them” was organised, aimed to educate people on the reasons global warming occur and how businesses and institutions can... >>>

Building an Industrial Effluent Treatment System

With the aim to provide a full picture on how the Malaysian government assures the industry to comply fully with the wastewater regulatory compliance, a webinar titled “Wastewater Regulation Compliance in Malaysia” was organised by UTAR Division of Community and International Networking...               >>>

UTAR exposes school children to global issues

The workshop aimed to enhance the educational experience of school children and educate them on sustainable development goals (SDGs), particularly SDGs that are associated with water resource..>>>

Exposing refugee children to financial literacy and waste management

The UTAR Sustainable Development Club organised a workshop called “Fireflies Project” on 15 February 2020 with the aim to educate children on fundamental knowledge of zero waste environment and...>>>

Bartering for a sustainable future

UTAR green interest group 'Swap N Reuse Committee' in collaboration with a green organisation known as Barnything organised a talk on “Bartering”. The talk was held at Sungai Long Campus on ...    >>>

Energy Efficiency Courses

Dr Chua Kein Huat has conducted a two-day course "Green Technology and Energy Efficiency" that emphasis on the application of green technologies to improve the energy efficiency. He also conducted a two-day course "Energy Management and Energy Audit" that introduce the existing standards...    >>>

Beauty and Our Beach

Beauty and Our Beach is a beach clean-up programme organised by a team of ten final year students of Bachelor of Corporate Communication (Hons) from Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman Sungai Long who care for the well-being of Mother Earth. Ocean pollution is one of the major global issues we are facing...>>>

Gotong-royong at Jungle Fowl Trail and Cempedak Trail

The aim of the gotong-royong project is in line with the university’s vision, which is to contribute to society through research and development, and education on forest conservation to improve the...          >>>

Promoting SDGs via international conference

Themed ‘Youth Empowerment and Inclusion in Achieving Sustainable Development Goals’, the conference aimed to enhance a dialogue on ways multi-stakeholders crosscutting partnerships can be leveraged towards the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and to...    >>>

Green productivity: The better way for a sustainable economy

The talk which aimed to highlight the integration of innovation and climate with economic growth was awarded the Novel Prize in economics in 2018 in terms of the concept green productivity....    >>>

“Green Your Home” Workshop

The workshop was a two-hour event conducted at UTAR Sungai Long Campus on 4 October 2019, covering various activities ranging from workshops to sharing of knowledge sessions which included demonstrations on how to grow indoor plants and other greeneries. The goal of the project is to... >>>

Energy Conservation Awareness Session

The Faculty of Accountancy and Management conducted an energy conservation awareness session during Faculty Board meeting on 12 September 2019. Around 70 staffs were present at the meeting.

Trail Enhancement at Urban Community Forest

The Department of Student Affairs (DSA) of UTAR Sungai Long Campus organised Gotong-Royong – Trail Enhancement at Urban Community Forest (UCF), Malaysian Nature Society (MNS), Kuala Lumpur on 29 June 2019. A total of 14 students and staff volunteered in the gotong-royong project.....                   >>>

Innovation competition promotes green building concepts

UTAR Engineering Society, in collaboration with GreenRe Shd Bhd, organised “My Green Space-Green Building Innovation Competition” , with the aim to encourage creativity and innovation in researching sustainable energy usage, as well as to enhance soft skills among the participants....                   >>>

Planting trees to preserve peatland forest

As part of the continuous community outreach effort, the Department of Building and Property Management (DBP) of the Faculty of Accountancy and Management (FAM) participated in a tree planting activity on 23 March 2019 at Raja Musa Forest Reserve (RMFR). The tree planting programme...>>>

Greenery upkeep at SL 2 Park

A gotong-royong session was held at SL 2 Park, Bandar Sungai Long on 2 March 2019. The cleaning and mulching activities were held for the second time at the park by the Department of Student Affairs   >>>

FAM green awareness practice

• CNY Appreciation Luncheon 2019 (Friday, 22.2.2019)  

• Encourage staffs who are joining the luncheon to bring own plate and cutlery to reduce waste (paper plates, single use plastic cutlery, etc)                       

Talk on urban wildlife and common species

The forum aimed to enlighten participants with discussions on the relation of urban biodiversity with humanity living in cities. The forum also highlighted the fundamental issue of how the society perceived urban wildlife and the surrounding, especially in open spaces, as well as the significance of ...   >>>

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